Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Blogging in a blizzard.
On vacation, and the skiing yesterday was yummy.

The entire family was face down by 8:00. Today we were saved by bad weather. I knit and played computer games and listened to audio books. yummmm. The feather and fan shawl is now 14 inches wide.

Husband battled with his computer that the lame wireless network at this resort. Later in the day I helped him out. To reward me he is off hunting down rum. I married well.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mathematicians apparently crochet.

Check this out:
Mathematician Daina Taimina can crochet hyperbolic shapes.

More information here - http://www.theiff.org/lectures/05a.html

and the Lorenz manifold can be crochet as well. http://www.enm.bris.ac.uk/anm/preprints/2004r03.pdf
Page 16 is what you want to see firs.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Almost two weeks since the last entry. Is it because I'm losing interest in blogging, or is it because I've been busy and this is a lower priority? Not really sure. Could be both. In the mean time I'm in therapy with myself about the feather and fan wrap that I began. I wanted a large and boring project to get me through some long and tedious technical meetings. Now, I'm tired of her because she is large and boring. Poor thing, a victim of her perfection. I'm not so thrilled with the wool, It is an e-bay purchase that says it's Harrisville wool, and is sport weight. It's just not that soft, although it softens up some in the wash. Maybe some fabric softener will help her out. That bath, though is about a month away.

I'm also having this inane conversation in my brain. One side says "Yeesh, this is dull, how long will this thing take to finish?" Another part says "Honey, at the rate you are going another three to four weeks. That's not bad, and isn't she shaping up nicely?" Repeat.

Here she is at about 10 inches.

On the top down Aran progress, I've been unwilling to work in it for the past few weeks. I did a quick calculation and realized that I had enough yarn for the nicest cropped aran ever. Don't think my poor husband would appreciate that style. Oh, yeah, he's one of those guys with a long body and short legs, so I like to put in a few inches on his sweaters. And very discouraging, since I've got this Goldielocks thing going on sweaters for him. "H8 was too big, Starz was too small". I can fit anyone else just right, but not him for the past four years.

So I ordered some more yarn, hoping for a dye lot that looked the same as the one I had from a Texas store with an Internet presence. A week later, no shipment, no response to email, called and was told that they would get back to me two days later when the shipment came in. Called again four days later and was told that I would hear back later that day. Still haven't' heard.

So, since this stuff is discontinued yarn, I ordered from Woodland Woolworks. Yesterday, Hurrah, it was here. I started up the collar with the new yarn, and double hurrah, it looks to be close enough that there won't be a line on the sweater when I change dye lots. Pictures later, when he's not so wadded up.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Still so busy that I'm feeling always overwhelmed. Knitting is a background activity now, not daily. I have vacation in two and 1/2 weeks so maybe I can get a grip then.

Still, since I carry knitting everywhere, and have had time in airports, and lobbies progress is made. The little mohair scarf is done. I liked the "mistake rib" results as it is much more dimensional than straight ribbing, and reversible as well.

I started a feather and fan shawl. I think it's about 70" long, and I'm planning it to be about 20" wide before blocking. I've not been much of a scarf/shawl knitter before, but I have this nutty idea. I think that I can make five or six large shawls or wraps before Christmas and surprise my female relatives with a box of lovelies to choose from.

I fantasize about the oooohs and ahhhs when the look through the choices. You see, in the end, it's all about me.