Monday, February 19, 2007

I learned some things with Arwen, but not all what you would think.

I learned how to Kitchener stitch for ribbing.

I learned that more than two projects on the needles makes me crazy.

I went and joined the Dale of Norway KAL, and I was working out that new project, while Arwen and the Elegant Diagonals and a scarf were on the needles. I turned myself into a nutcase. I like to knit, but it is not something that should make me crazy. So, I stopped the Dale, and finished Arwen.

I like two projects on the needles, if I have one that is sort of complicated, or has reached a place where I need to pay attention, or has become too large to travel. This year, I seem to be making a lot of fluffy mohair scarfs. I have been putting a marker on them at 46 inches. Then, I don't have to measure again. If it is even when I fold it in half, it's done. This purple/blue one is folded in half, and as you can see, almost done.

In the mean time, I exploded my yarn stash, and have come up with some other choices for the Dale Hardangervidda. More on that later. Later means after ED is done.

Elegant Diagonals, aka ED, has been chugging along un-photographed for a while now. She has been a good car project the past month or so. I cast on the body in December, and read, "work for 14 inches". That's a lot of ribbing at the gauge that is being worked. I actually cast on Arwen about that time, because I wanted some faster gratification. (18 stitches for 4 inches instead of 26 stitches for 4 inches)

I choose to knit the body in one piece, as I am paranoid about the pieces being different lengths. This pattern has pretty specific shaping, and I wanted it all to match up. It's been quite a slog these past 14 inches, but it is now in a place where I need to pay attention, as the diagonal ribs, and arm shaping are upon me.

Major project D'oh discovered. I put the button holes on the wrong side. This annoys me, but I don't plan to rip it all out because of this error.

Second D'oh was the sleeve caps. I did one of them twice, after reading the directions wrong. Turns out I did them wrong again. So I've ripped back to the cap decreases on both of them, and am working them again.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A contest
Items for sale

I've been enjoying making fluffy brioche scarfs from my stash mohair. My daughter has already tried to steal one, so I know that at least one picky teenager approves.
I have a lot of stash mohair, and am prepared to spread the fun by offering it up with instructions while supplies last. See the side bar.
The contest, is, like many contests, self serving. I'm asking YOU to help me advertise this mohair for sale, by blogging about it, and creating a viral buzz. That's what the Internet is good at, right?
So, get yourself a kit, check out the instructions, and the yarn, and either comment back here, or, better yet, post your ( I hope ) positive reactions on your blog. In return, I will send you ANOTHER scarf kit.

Please check my new FLUFFY BRIOCHE SCARF page for more information.

I started one in purple and blue over the weekend. It looks blue on blue on my screen, but the lighter color really is purple. Half way done already.

Friday, February 09, 2007

First finished sweater of the year.

I was surprised how much yarn the hood took. Each sweater piece, back, left front/sleeve, right front/sleeve was about three and 1/2 2 ounce balls. The hood was another 2 1/2! Didn't see that coming. Seemed the silly thing was 9 inches from the shoulder for about a week.

I had a little head trip, as I used vintage yarn from my stash. So, when it's gone, there is no getting more. As it turned out I used 6 1/2 skeins, out of the 7 that I had of this color and dye lot. So, quite a successful knit, and stash busting project.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hardangervidda is frogged.

I did lots of yardage calculations, and thought that 10 skeins of Nature Spun Sport would be enough for large. I knit up to the end of the first skein, and even accounting for the swatch, I didn't get enough length to be comforatable that this would work out.

Some notes to self, as I will probably try this project again.

I liked the backside of the "block rib" better than the front side.

I also learned that three project on the needles is too many. I do like two. One complex, one easy. One color, one texture. One that travels, one that does not. One big and one small. Three, in any combination makes me itch.

So, I'll finish Arwen, and keep plugging at the "Elegant Diagonal", and shop for a color project to work on next. Or maybe another cable. Hmmm.