Monday, June 28, 2004

I became obsessed with Ingeborg this week.

I also cleaned my living room, and it is again lovely to sit in. Part of the tidying work included picking up the odd needles, balls of yarn and magazines that were sitting in my knitting basket. I also checked up on Henry8, and he's made no progress on his sleeve. Funny, to think that he may be able to knit himself underneath a pile of magazines.

By the way - to those weather goddesses out there - I'm really tired of daily torrential rain and thunder storms.

Monday, June 21, 2004

I was supposed to go to Louisiana today, but I missed my flight. I'm glad too, because I think I picked up Fifth disease from the nephews last week. This is a mild childhood illness that I apparently managed to miss until now. It's also called "slap face" because of the rash. Last night I was really itchy, and needed to go out for some Bennydryl. I still feel off, and I think I'll be itching again this afternoon. Lovely.

I've almost finished sleeve #2 for Ingeborg. No picture, because it looks just like the first one.

Speaking of itching, last week I was itching for a new project. So, Swatchy has been swatching. The alpaca my husband brought me from Peru is just perfect for another pattern in the Dale 126 book that Ingeborg is in. Here are some colorways for #2 Hardangervidda. ( #3 needle for future reference) We all like the middle one the best.

And I got busy with the Brilla paint that I ripped out last week. All with a #5 needle

#1 is a slip stitch pattern with some navy mohair from an VogueKnitting;Spr/Summer 1985
#2 same pattern w/light blue shetland wool
#3 linen stitch w/light blue shetland
#4 linen stitch w/navy mohair
#5 linen stitch 3/brilla solid - kiwi
#6 from Jean Frost Jackets - sanquar slip stitch in very light green wool
#7 linen stitch w/light green wool
#8 slip stitch #1 with the light green

I still don't know what I'm going to do with this stuff. Husband admired #5. I'm thinking of doing the Jean Frost Jacket with #6 or doing my own design with #6 and #7. I'll have to check if I have enough of the light green. I'm also thinking of some other patterns to swatch. Maybe I'll use all 16 balls on test swatches. Serve me right.

I also got out some Classic Elite "Believe" that I ordered from Elann during a yarn binge. It's supposed to knit to 21st/10cm on #7 needles. I got 19 stitches on #5's, proving once again that swatching is good. I'm either knitting a lot looser than I used to, or the yarn industry has gotten uptight. I seem to need to go down several needle sizes from the recommended one these days. Well, it's just perfect for Tuja from Dale #116. The pattern calls for their wool, but I don't see a good reason why the Believe should not be appropriate. No picture - looks just like stockenette stitch.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Crystal Cove using Brilla print-

The pattern is clever; the shape is fine, the yarn is lovely to work with.
The multicolor yarn detracts from the pattern, and the pattern detracts from the yarn. I should have figured this out about the time I finished the front. Off the the frog pond we go.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Had to add a note about Miss GingGong. She is veeerrrry happy to see us. First she did the kitty punishment - *let me out/let me in* repeat between *'s. Now she is sitting on my knitting and helping me type. She has also swatted at both of us. I think she is scared and angry when we leave. Then relieved and angry when we return. Makes sense. She was a stray, and had been shuttled to many homes before we took her in.
Back from our trip, and it was nice.
Good Weather.
No wedding.

FIL did roast a pig for us, and a good portion of the clan came down. Curiously, the bride2be did not show at the party at all, although us kids saw her before and after. Lots of odd interpersonal currents moving, but I was able to work on to the Ingeborg sleeve and listen. Keeps me from being a snippy, arrogant Yankee. The bonus is that I'm about six inches into the second sleeve now.

Oh, and she seems to be keeping the shawl. Fine with me.

Crystal Cove awaits side seams. I'm hoping it looks as good on as it does hanging in the picture. I'll write some pattern notes if anyone is interested. The pattern has a few very clever elements.

I'm itching for a new project. I just started two - what's up with that? So, I'm looking at really old Vogue knitting magazines. Yummy.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Off to North Carolina...
to see what happens.

There will be a plane flight and then a three hour drive to the coast. Have Crystal Cove, extra yarn, a started Ingeborg sleeve #2 (to set the pattern) Have #2 dps, 12" and 16" circulars. Have needle, tape measure, and sizzors in bag to check. Book and backuup book. There will be a beach, and a deliciously evil Sister in Law, as well as assorted family.

How can I not have fun?

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Another week

Too much stress.

Personal stress - will the court give an extension on the speeding ticket because I'm waiting for my drivers record? I requested the silly thing too late. arrrgh!

Family/Personal stress - daughter went to a slumber party and had to be picked up at 2:30 a.m because they said she was sick. She had really had a very disturbing nightmare, so disturbing that it left her dizzy and in tears. Just the condition for a member of a pre-teen slumber party crowd. I fed her some pancakes, and we settled down again about 3:30a.m. I'm up for work, and I'm tired.

More family stress - FIL's lady friend who was kicked out last week is back in. What will happen?

Work stress - just too much, and not enough results. Will have to travel more in the later part of June. Yuck. Just had a good project killed because of a variety of conflict but the end is that the work done is flushed.

More work/family stress - I need to spend time during the day to deal with a car tire replacement and some registration. How do I balance it all?

Knitting? Well, another monument to the simple notion that if one works on a project, there will be results. (unlike my work) Henry8 who has been languishing under my main knitting chair is now on deck, and being worked. I was surprised how little I had done on the sleeve. A mere 28 rows. But I got some time on Sunday to settle down for a few hours, and knocked out amost an entire 64row repeat. Here he is, with about half a sleeve done:

Thursday, June 03, 2004

So, I'm making myself crazy with procrastination and too much to do. So what should I do? How about a blog entry? Well, I have just the right amount of time, and other activities will take more or less.

Promised pictures - the finished Crystal Cove front/back. I'm not impressed yet. It is sort of a misshapen rectangle. I'm hoping that when the other side is attached at the shoulders, the graceful swoops of the stitch/short row pattern will be revealed. In the mean time, I still think the colors are great, and the yarn is making a great fabric.

And - ta daa! An Ingeborg sleeve.

Ingeborg is going to go to sleep for a bit. I will be working on Hank8.

I tried last night to work on Hank8, while taking a safe driving course on the Internet. One of my procrastinated tasks. Well, it's a great course, and requires attention, so I could not manage my complicated and long neglected project friend. Maybe I'll finish tonight, and get him started up. What will I do if I ever finish, and he is no longer keeping me company underneath my chair? Oh, yeah - I could start another project. Silly me.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Back from the water park, and recovered from a day of prune skin. The rest of the long weekend was finishing parts. No pictures. Ingeborg sleeve, and a front/back unit for Crystal Cove. For a short moment I had nothing on my needles but Henry8. Dodn't get to him, as my daughter abandonded her sewing project, and I finished that as well. Good thing we didn't have part of a half gallon of ice cream and an apple pie, because since I was finsining everything else....

But I digress. I did get distracted with the sewing, and cut out a dress for myself.

And the big news - FIL's wedding is off, but we are all still going to see him in N. Carolina. I sent that grey mohair shawl off to the financee. Wonder if it is going to come back.