Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Another week

Too much stress.

Personal stress - will the court give an extension on the speeding ticket because I'm waiting for my drivers record? I requested the silly thing too late. arrrgh!

Family/Personal stress - daughter went to a slumber party and had to be picked up at 2:30 a.m because they said she was sick. She had really had a very disturbing nightmare, so disturbing that it left her dizzy and in tears. Just the condition for a member of a pre-teen slumber party crowd. I fed her some pancakes, and we settled down again about 3:30a.m. I'm up for work, and I'm tired.

More family stress - FIL's lady friend who was kicked out last week is back in. What will happen?

Work stress - just too much, and not enough results. Will have to travel more in the later part of June. Yuck. Just had a good project killed because of a variety of conflict but the end is that the work done is flushed.

More work/family stress - I need to spend time during the day to deal with a car tire replacement and some registration. How do I balance it all?

Knitting? Well, another monument to the simple notion that if one works on a project, there will be results. (unlike my work) Henry8 who has been languishing under my main knitting chair is now on deck, and being worked. I was surprised how little I had done on the sleeve. A mere 28 rows. But I got some time on Sunday to settle down for a few hours, and knocked out amost an entire 64row repeat. Here he is, with about half a sleeve done:

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