Monday, December 17, 2007

Once that baby sweater body was done, I didn't want to look at it for a few days. So, I got back and busy with Fern. She now has a front, all done. All that is left is the back, and sewing up, as the sleeves were knit this spring.

Look at the sexy close up. I know you want it.

I want to get that baby sweater done before leaving for Christmas Holiday, so I started the sleeve on Sunday. Monday afternoon, I present the one armed baby sweater. Moving along nicely, yes?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I got into Ravelry this weekend. My that is a nice interface. One can get quite involved in sorting, and queuing, and stashing online. Almost forgot that it was all about the knitting. I think I have over a year of projects in my queue now. I considered loading up past projects, but I think I'll keep them here, and spend the time knitting.

Over the weekend, this sweater exploded into color, and I just couldn't stop. Last night I finished sewing up the shoulders, put on the collar, and cleaned up the ends that were there.

Yes, most of the yoke was three colors, and I'm not so very good at handling three colors. I can do the color in each hand thing all day, but three was slow. I doubt I'd try this for an adult size any time soon.

Friday, December 07, 2007

After the baby sweater marathon, counted what I needed to do. 5 sweaters made, one more to do before we leave for Christmas. The idea of digging into another baby sweater gave me the heaves. So, I picked up Fern again.
She needed a few more inches to get to the arm opening, and I accomplished that and a bit more. Since half the stitches are now on a piece of waste yarn, she can stretch out for her pictures. I think she's quite pretty.
I also finished another scarf. This is for a friend in New Jersey, and will be mailed today, probably.

Wednesday night, I finally got interested in starting that last for 2007 baby sweater. I'm doing the cover sweater from the Dale of Norway book 81. It has the lovely name of "Baby Wo0l 8106" I'm using Nature Spun Sport, and getting a gauge of 26 st/4 inch instead of the 32 called for. No problem, I found that the stitch count for the three month model will result in a diameter that will be about right for the intended baby. I need to calculate the row count to make sure the armhole works out. I have a ruler, and I know how to use it, so no problems.

I changed the colors; using "Bit of Blue" for the main color, "Sapphire" for the darker contrast color, and "Orange Crush" for the second contrast color. The Orange is on the red side and the Sapphire is on the Purple side. There is also a fourth color used in the yoke. I'm going back and forth on that one.
The pattern does have a number of rounds with THREE colors, which I find tricky.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Another baby sweater out the door. The picture is a bit sideways; not sure why.

Not sure what got into me, but I really worked to get this done in a week. No compelling reason, other than to mark it off my so called list.

So, now I'm not feeling very ambitious about knitting right now.

Something I did a few weeks ago was to work through my stash, and bag up a number of projects. I set aside yarn and sweaters for two more "boy" sweaters. I think I'll rely on Dale of Norway to provide the pattern inspiration, rather than designing my own this time.

I do have a scarf on the needles, and Fern in the basket, so no need to start on anything new quite yet.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

She looks so much nicer with buttons and her ends tucked in, don't you think?

I'm moving quickly on the next little boy sweater. This is for my daughter's geometry teacher. How do you like the 3-D cubes in the pattern? Just knit purl, but seems cool for a geometry teacher. I"m hoping to finish this week.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Almost done with some projects. This scarf just needs to have the ends worked in, then it's off to my friend Kathy in Seattle. She saw one like it that was being gifted, and put in an order. I'm a sucker for people admiring my work, so she gets a scarf.
When my daughter was a toddler, and I was travelling to Seattle a lot, she wanted to know who Addle was, since I visited this person so often.
A baby sweater to go to Atlanta. I finished the blue linen stitch one, and gave it away before taking a picture. The only way it will get documented here is if dad puts it on baby, and snap a picture.
I did a baby count, and came up with EIGHT. I guess I missed one, and I learned that another was landing last week. So, with this one, that's four down, and another four to go.
And another scarf for Carol in New Jersey. Carol helps me with a lot of projects, and New Jersey is nasty in the winter, so I hope she enjoys it.
Poor Fern. With Holiday Gifting scarfs, and baby sweaters, she is sad, and packed away in a zip lock. I keep thinking this week I'll do an eight row repeat, but it hasn't happened for a few weeks now. Maybe this week?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Well, the blog was slammed by some spam comment generator over the weekend. I thought I was suddenly popular. Silly me, I hardly get comments here, why should that change? I deleted the stupid stuff, and have added the little box with the funny letters to prevent the spam engines from tagging without effort.

I've been working on baby sweaters the past week. They've been showing up, and I intended to get them taken care of by the end of the year. I counted the babies I felt commited to make a sweater for, and the number was six.


These mitered jackets are for a set of twins that were born almost a year ago. They were premature, but now doing fine. My husband asked me to make these for his friend at work. This is the first time he has asked me to knit something for someone. They will get these baby surprise jackets as soon as I get the buttons.

Two newborns at the Atlanta Office, a boy and a girl. I've got the sleeves and edgings for this little blue jacket left to do. I'm using the last of the "Mothers Day" yarn binge and some very light blue e-bay yarn in a slip stitch pattern for the bottom of the body. This is a close up of the slip stitch pattern.
I'll do just the mohair mix for the top and arms. The edgings will be garter stitch in the light blue like the hem. Should be done soon as well.
The next will be for the girl. I go to Atlanta next week, so I hope I can get them both done and ready to give away for that trip.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Working on this second baby sweater. I had to take the needle out of it yesterday due to a unintentional short row. So, I laid her out for a photograph. This is the Zimmerman "baby surprise" idea, with a modification that has probably been done before.

The basic "surprise" you make the back section from the shoulder to the armpits. Then you make sleeves. Then you knit the second half of one sleeve, the back, then half of the second sleeve together. Then knit back and forth, increasing two stiches at the join in order to make the miter.

My modification is shown here.
I accomplish it by knitting the two sleeves, and make sure that I have an even number or stitches.

I slip the stiches for the back half of one sleeve onto the needle and knit to where the back should begin. Then I use a temporary cast on to add the back stiches, then I knit across half the second sleeve. I then knit back and forth, decreasing two stiches at the back/arm join. It makes this sweet mitered back section, and saves me a bit of seaming.

I'm sure this has been done before.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well, the needles are working again.

I'm here on a business trip, all my mobility appliances are quietly charging. I used my new Blackberry to photograph miss Fern, who has made it off the chair and is traveling with me. I was able to complete about 18 rows on this trip, and will probably knit on her on the flight home. She's just about 13 inches now, so well on the way to the armholes.

Cast aside for now is a baby surprise that is most of the way done. I'd like to finish that one soon. I'm traveling again next week, so maybe Fern will feel too big to go out, and the baby sweaters will get their time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey, I finished it.

Other than me being about 20 pounds too heavy, it's great. Maybe next summer I will wear it around.

And I dragged Fern off the chair, and took her on a business trip. She had been sharing that chair with the dog, and was a bit hairy, but other that that in fine shape. A few minutes to figure out what row we were on, away we went.

Eleven inches on the body. Maybe a picture later.

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's the middle of October, and cooling down enough that I may be able to touch wool again. I wish I could say I have been busy and productive over the summer. Just hasn't happened.

Let's review:

I had a goal to purchase no new yarn, and to make six adult sized stash sweaters this year.

I amended that because of a mothers day yarn purchase, that all the new yarn must be used as well as the six sweaters.

I'm pleased to say that most of the mothers day yarn is gone. The last bits are going into baby sweaters. Here's one that is done, and sleeves are made for the next one.
There are two balls of a mohair mix waiting to become yet another baby sweater. There have been quite a few born recently - mostly boys.

I was also working on a mesh top based on a pattern from the summer Vogue knitting. The parts are done the edging is done, it's a matter of sewing it together and cleaning up the ends.

This would be adult sweater number 4.

Fern is sweater number 5, and I must signed up for the Fall Cables KAL to motivate me to get her back out and done.

Perhaps over the weekend, I can get the mesh top completed, and Fern back in the mix.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well, it's been a while. Over a month since my last post. I recall this happened last year. Just lost both knitting and blogging mojo for while.
Something about summer and they way my schedule goes askew. I need external commitments to get me up in the morning. Daughter is at summer camp, my husband was out of the country for over three weeks. So, no one to manage my time but me. That's hard to do all of a sudden.

It won't stop raining here. While we are not having disaster floods, it's swampy and mushy and just hard to move most of the time. Plans for anything outside are on hold, because of the thunderstorms that show up, just when you think you are ready to go out. One of our big trees fell over, and had to be removed. That's the third one to fall over since we moved here almost seven years ago.

So, I've been dropping off and picking up at airports and summer camps. Knitting a bit here and there. Getting wet.
I finished the Waikiki tank. It fits, and it's cute.

I started a top using pattern #2 of the Vogue Summer magazine as a guide. It's an open mesh top, shown as a bathing suit coverup. I'm using multicolor Brilla rayon/cotton. I tried this yarn for a top several years ago, and it turned out awful, so I ripped it apart, and it's been bugging me ever since. The strong vertical line of the mesh pattern seems to be strong enought to not get lost in the multicolor.
I've got the sleeves done, but they seem narrow. I'm working on the body, and it seems wide.
I need to figure out what the deal is, but my mind just doesn't seem to want to go there. So, I'll work up the body, figure out if I need to rework the sleeves when the body is done.

I think I've worked on Fern some, but it's been in the bag a while. Something about wool when it's 90 degrees outside doesn't work for me now.
So, that's the update for July. Maybe I'll get it together in August.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm back to two projects on the needles. One sort of complicated, and one very simple.
Neither are very photogenic, as they are on circular needles, and sort of squashed.

Fern is one an 1/2 skeins into the body. I had a bit of trouble on the twist stitch diamond pattern. So, I had to pull that section down, and re-do it. I decided to work the body in the round. So, it will be a few weeks before the front and back are separate, and a nice picture that shows all the pretty stitches can be made.

I spent a lot of time last week swatching the last of the Mothers Day Waikiki. I learned that this yarn does not like smaller needles. I tried some slip stich patterns, but the companion yarn took over the Waikiki, so the effect was dull, or in some way compromised the yarn. Some of the swatches look nice in the picture, but they didn't really show off how pretty the yarn is on it's own.

So, I started in on a tank top in plain stockinette. Just a tube, with a little shaping. Starting at 36 inches on the cast on, and increasing to about a 40inch bust.
It's sort of hard in the photograph to see the pretty colors. It's a blend of teal, magenta, purple, with a bit of tobacco. The colors are all about the same value, so the puddling that happens with multi colored yarn isn't unattractive. I wasn't thrilled about the brown at first, but now, it is my favorite effect. Again, not very photogenic as it is squashed up on a circular needle.

Monday, June 18, 2007

On with the finishing frenzy. The last of the part about to be off the needles is here. That would be the second sleeve for Fern. Here they are for a group shot.

So, fussy finishing is over for a while. I will knit on Fern for a main project.

There is the "Mothers Day Binge" situation. I have two more skeins of a multi-color mohair mix. That, I think will make a nice baby sweater.

Then, there are six skeins of Crystal Palace Waikiki, in a darker teal/purple/tobacco brown colorway. Just beautiful, but also multicolored, and textured, and not enough for a tank top. I've got plans, and some yarns that co-ordinate to work with. Maybe next week, there will be a plan for it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Houston, we have finished Hardangervidda. Just in time for the swampy, hot summer.

To Review

I used 10 skeins (150 meters/skein) of Norweigian Sport Wool, purchased from I was going to use Nature Spun Sport, but backed out as I felt that I would run out of yarn. If ball bands can be believed, the NatureSpun has more yardage per 50 grms, so I should been able to do it. Live and learn. Contrast colors were stash NatureSpun in Creme, and stash Alpaca in black.

I, of course, changed the pattern some.

1) I reversed the "block Rib, so that the blocky side was on top rather than the ribby side.
2) I used a Shetland steek method, rather than machine sewing and cutting for the armhole. This is really not anything anyone would notice, and since I did make a facing one would have to cut the sweater apart to see.
3) I modified the neck, making it smaller. My husband likes his necks snug.
4) I modified the neck, using a repeat of one of the small diamond pattern with the contrasting stripes rather than the block rib.

And a picture of the "private side" for those of you who like to look. This would be the inside of the join between one arm and the body. Whoopy dooo.

Monday, June 11, 2007

We are well into June, and in a finishing frenzy here in Swatchyland.

Last week, I finished up the Elegant Diamonds sweater. This weekend, much work on the Hardangervidda. It is still not done, but the neck is in, and I like it quite a lot. Still grafting, and sort of anxious about it. I see a distinct line where the grafting was done. You can sort of see it in the photograph. I'm hoping it will go away when the sweater is washed and blocked. If not, I'll tear it out an try again - once.
Any wisdom?

Oh yeah, I also finished a scarf. This represents skeins 3 and 4 of my 13 skein Mothers Day yarn binge. It is a garter ladder pattern from the first Barbara Walker Treasury of knitting stitches. I'm usually not one to post pictures of yarn, I think that pretty dopey. However, I have a big problem with this multi-colored novelty stuff. I find it hard to get a fabric that represents what the skein looks like. I think in this case, the stitch pattern worked well. What say you?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy June.

I finally got out my tapestry needle and finished E.D. See?
She's soft and pretty, with one issue that is not her fault. She fits a version of me that is probably 20 pounds lighter than the version that is currently present.
Yes, I'm another one of those folks struggling with weight. This summer, perhaps some will go away. My my blood pressure has been creeping up, and doctor says that it needs to go down, or I go on drugs. I've repeated this enough that my husband is supporting the effort as well. We will be consistent about exercise, and better food choices for a few months at least.
On with the knitting.
Since the tapestry needle was out, all the hems and facings for Hargandervidda got sewn. I also, (horrors) separated the top and bottom, so that I could add those two inches of length. We drove to a nice area to bicycle ride on Sunday, so that's done. The neck has been picked up as well. No pictures, because he is so embarrassed about being in pieces again. Maybe next week, he will be in a better mood.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day.

It's rained the whole weekend here in H-town, and is muggy as well. We've been able to do some bicycling in between the showers, and I've been enjoying the long weekend by sleeping a lot, and trying to put some projects on the "finished" list. Mixed results.


The Mothers Day sale at the LYS was too tempting. I mentioned it to my husband, the great enabler, and he packed me up, and drove me over. Lots of pretty novelty yarn, the kind I said I would never buy again on sale 40% off. Some jumped into a basket. I was planning on dear husband to make the purchase, so I could rationalize it off as a gift. But I walked up to the counter myself, and did it.

So, I suppose that I need to use it all up before the end of the year. The goal is to end you year with a measurable amount of stash reduction.

So, here is the start.

Two skeins of Waikiki, in a blue/teal/purple colorway that reminded me of my Sister in Law. It is nasty stuff to figure out. Not only is it a multicolor, but it has hunks or wads that are thicker to add more interest. I tried a lot of stitch patterns, and ended up with this garter lace pattern, that I sort of made up. All done, and ready to be mailed.

I'm working on some Lang Venzia now.
Now for Hardangervidda. The sleeves are attached, and the insides are cleaned up. I need to tack down the armhole facing, and hems, the add the neck.

Almost done.

I had the intended try it on.
It's too short.

I'm going to have to do that snip, and knit another two inches and graft it together thing before I can call this one finished.
And E.D. is still waiting to be cleaned up.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I so wanted to post that I had the red Hardangervidda off the needles last Thursday, but it wasn't. There have been other accomplishments, however. Our new little boat is sailing. My husband and I are certified to use enriched air while SCUBA diving. My daughter has had braces installed. The dog has been to the vet. Yes, I still work most of the day, and I'm doing a lot of internal presentations, which has generated more work, which is good, but limits knitting. I had a near disaster on Friday, spilling a drink on my laptop. The keyboard went wonky, and I recovered somewhat by finding an older keyboard from a previous personal computer. I also spritzed and paper toweled the damaged keyboard, and the laptop keyboard may be back in working order. Hurrah for me.
I also find that I am looking too much at my page stats again. I made this blog for myself, and I keep telling myself that it really doesn't matter if I have 2 hits, or 20 hits per day. I should just stop looking. I did for a while, and was a lot happier.

But, this is a knitting blog, and back to Hardangervidda. The project had moved so quickly through the boring center section, and the delicious yoke pattern. Then, the last bit of block rib seemed to take forever. It didn't help that the neck placement didn't please me. My husband likes necks that fit closely, and this one looked way too big. Then, the section for the armholes looked small. I set a steek at the beginning of the yoke pattern, because I don't trust my sewing machine skills at all. Thus, I had to keep working until I had enough armhole. Not a problem, it only took two extra sets of block rib. As far as ending dimensions, this is fine as well. My husband has a long torso, so the extra inch in the body will be just fine.
I'm getting tired of this project, now that it is so near to completion. Lots of fiddly finishing work to do, and I still have all the ends to work in for the Elegant Diagonals sweater. I need some quality time with a good audio book, a thunderstorm, a tapestry needle, and scissors.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Blog Anniversary to Swatchy.

Enough of that.
Observant reader Elizabeth has correctly identifying the mystery sweater as Fern. Way to go Elizabeth, and thanks for leaving a comment. Now I know they work. Elizabeth, if you wish to foward your address to my email ( see side bar ) I will send you a present.

Last Thursday, I posted, then took off to have a molar extracted. Yuck. This was the result of a root canal gone very bad. I was fortunate about not being in pain, and not having to do this in an emergency situation. Now, I have about a year of bone growth, and implant baloney before I can get a crown in the spot where that tooth used to be.

My dear husband kept me iced and down on Thursday, waking me up to give me more Demerol. Friday, I was on my own, but very very stupid. It took me maybe two hours to set up the pattern section for the yoke of Hardangervidda. But once it was started, whoopee, what fun. So much fun, that a week later, I find myself done with the complex pattern section, and at the neck decreases.

I have made some more pattern changes. I'm not big on the neck zipper, so I'm going to make a regular neck. I'm planning to knit the little diamond pattern around the neck, then make a turning row, and tacking it down on the back, rather than rib. While examining the pattern, I noticed there was a slight difference between the front and back yoke pattern, and I liked the back pattern better. Thus it is on the front as well.

GingGong is not impressed.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well, I'm a little dopey on Valium. I am having a tooth extracted in a few hours, and the preprocedure Valium is kicking in.
It's Thursday, and I have some stuff to show off, so here we go.
I finished my first sleeve. Now, I was trying to encourage some comments when I asked for a guess on the pattern. Surely, you anonymous people who are looking at my work would know what this is. I may send some mohair and instructions for a fluffy brioche scarf to someone who identifies the new project.
About the yarn. This was a most excellent eBay score. I have a sack of different colors of this same brand, but over 14 2 oz skeins of this same color and dye lot. The sleeve took just less than 2 skeins, so I'm comfortable that I have plenty.
It's wonderful to work with, and as I recall, quite a value.
Hey, by the way, I noticed that this blog will be having a birthday next week. 4 years of knitblogging. How about that?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Well, watch Hardangervidda grow, will ya?

Both sleeves are done.

The body is about an inch from the underarm, where the two color action will begin again.

In the mean time, I still am troubled by this beautiful multi-colored Brilla that I bought from Elann a long time ago. It is cotton/rayon, shiny and slick. I tried a pattern with it, and it just wasn't right. I was so frustrated that I swatched it every which way. It was not speaking to me. I put it in the closet. That was 2004.
Time passed.
Last week, was visiting our LYS, to pick up some needles. I seem to be missing my #1 circular, and needed another long #2. I saw the new Vogue Knitting. I saw the number two design; a mesh bathing suit cover up. It's not on the preview page, so interested readers will have to go look at the magazine. I found Brilla. I swatched. The Brilla spoke to me. This is what it wants to be. How about that?