Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well, it's been a while. Over a month since my last post. I recall this happened last year. Just lost both knitting and blogging mojo for while.
Something about summer and they way my schedule goes askew. I need external commitments to get me up in the morning. Daughter is at summer camp, my husband was out of the country for over three weeks. So, no one to manage my time but me. That's hard to do all of a sudden.

It won't stop raining here. While we are not having disaster floods, it's swampy and mushy and just hard to move most of the time. Plans for anything outside are on hold, because of the thunderstorms that show up, just when you think you are ready to go out. One of our big trees fell over, and had to be removed. That's the third one to fall over since we moved here almost seven years ago.

So, I've been dropping off and picking up at airports and summer camps. Knitting a bit here and there. Getting wet.
I finished the Waikiki tank. It fits, and it's cute.

I started a top using pattern #2 of the Vogue Summer magazine as a guide. It's an open mesh top, shown as a bathing suit coverup. I'm using multicolor Brilla rayon/cotton. I tried this yarn for a top several years ago, and it turned out awful, so I ripped it apart, and it's been bugging me ever since. The strong vertical line of the mesh pattern seems to be strong enought to not get lost in the multicolor.
I've got the sleeves done, but they seem narrow. I'm working on the body, and it seems wide.
I need to figure out what the deal is, but my mind just doesn't seem to want to go there. So, I'll work up the body, figure out if I need to rework the sleeves when the body is done.

I think I've worked on Fern some, but it's been in the bag a while. Something about wool when it's 90 degrees outside doesn't work for me now.
So, that's the update for July. Maybe I'll get it together in August.

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hege said...

You have lots of beautiful projects, and your Fern is looking very intriguing.