Thursday, March 23, 2006

A view of the new sweater, in the mirror from the back. Not so very clear, but we can see that me and Ms Poetry fit each other. We have an unexpected cold spell running through Houston, so I've been wearing her around. The shetland/wool mix does not itch. I'm happy.

I will be hunkering down to finish my Elann Design Challenge Shawl, and, of course, that little hat.

Then, back to the Kaffe, and maybe some more ditzing around on the BIL/SIL sweater combination.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Back from holiday and very tired. What is it about some people, who like to drive? Husband got it in his head to take the whole trip from Colorado to Houston in one 18 hour marathon. Couldn't stop him. So 3:00 a.m. we're home. I dragged myself up at 8:00 just to re-acclimate to a regular time schedule, but I'm dragging now, and will probably ruin my good intentions with a little nap.

In the mean time, the results of holiday driving and knitting.

My Poetry sweater is done, and here she is relaxing after a wash. She had a bit of an accident, as I spilled a cup of coffee on her, while doing the finishing. A soak in soapy water left her clean, thank you. I have a cable sweater that seems to attract coffee every time I wear it. It has also cleaned up, so I didn't panic too much over the ordeal.

I feel like a bit of a dork, as we skied so hard most days, all I wanted to do was drink beer and stare off in space in the evenings. Thus, this girl was finished Thursday night, but did not have to opportunity to bathe, or be worn on the trip. Now, in Houston, it's summer weather, and the poor girl will have to go into a box in the closet until next November.

I started a hat to match my Ingeborg sweater. That had been on my list for a while. It seemed less taxing than working on the design for BIL/SIL sweaters , or finishing Poetry.

And I'm almost finished with my elann contest shawl. I'll not show her until after March 31.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Greetings from snowy Colorado. The resort has free wireless Internet. I took my laptop for the purpose of uploading vacations pictures from my camera. The camera is an older digital, and the chip does not take too many pictures before it gets full. Of course, I am "cheating, and checking my office e-mail out of some sense of self defense.

In the mean time, the results of our escape from Houston. The arm still needs to be properly attached, and cleaned up.

We stopped for groceries, and then to a Wallmart, as I think I forgot to bring tapestry needles. We found this awful fun fur, and silly me, I offered to make daughter a hat out of some of it.

Oops; does altitude cause me to forget that I hate novelty yarn?

Well, here it is, started; I'm doing a garter stitch short row wedge hat. Very silly, and oh yeah - yellow and red do make orange.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Well, this is looking better. I paged through the "Fair Isle Simplified" book from the Philosophers Wool people. I think the designs look nice and they often use the same gauge yarns that I want to use. I noticed that the "Tradition" pattern only uses four colors, so I've swatched that out.

More what I was looking for. I like the diamond band, but I'm not so keen on the stripey peerie patterns that are set in between.

I'm could just do stripes of that larger pattern and vary the colors. I'm also thinking that a Nordic pattern with some seeding in the body and a bunch of business on the edges may be what I end up with.

I mentioned that I wanted to do BIL/SIL sweaters, and they like to wear stuff that matches. So the idea was to use the same graphic, but vary the colors and size for a "his" and "hers" effect.

Going backpacking this weekend. Looks like good weather too.