Thursday, March 02, 2006

Well, this is looking better. I paged through the "Fair Isle Simplified" book from the Philosophers Wool people. I think the designs look nice and they often use the same gauge yarns that I want to use. I noticed that the "Tradition" pattern only uses four colors, so I've swatched that out.

More what I was looking for. I like the diamond band, but I'm not so keen on the stripey peerie patterns that are set in between.

I'm could just do stripes of that larger pattern and vary the colors. I'm also thinking that a Nordic pattern with some seeding in the body and a bunch of business on the edges may be what I end up with.

I mentioned that I wanted to do BIL/SIL sweaters, and they like to wear stuff that matches. So the idea was to use the same graphic, but vary the colors and size for a "his" and "hers" effect.

Going backpacking this weekend. Looks like good weather too.

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Latoya said...

Hope that backpacking was fun. I really like the swatch of fair isle. Nice.
Knit on!