Sunday, August 29, 2004

Back from my trip. I wasn't impressed with the class content, but a lot of knitting was done. On the travel leg from Houston to Atlanta, I finished the lace bits for Ingeborg:

I knew that the Starz project would be too hard for the class, but I worked some on it in the evenings and on the way back:

And on the leg from Atlanta to Newark, I cast on, and did the fiddly hem bit for Tuja from Dale 116 in Classic Elite Believe, color "mystic moss". They have you knit six rows, then purl the first row the the current row to make a little roll; nice but tedious. I used a temporary cast on with the ugly purple acryllic yarn to make the cast on stitches easier to find and pick up.

I was stoked because I got to the first cross over just as the class was ending. Cables are too complicated for class, so I was delighted to have just enough work for the time. I worked up the criss cross section on the way home according to the pattern, and hated how it looked. So, I tore it all back, and did it properly with a cable needle. The pattern uses cleverly paired increases and decreases to move the ribs to the center, but once it goes into cables, it was a mess.

I like it better now. So, now I'm up to the neck separation on the front; the back is separated and on a holder waiting for the front to be done. Since the first volleyball contest is Thursday, I think this will be a decent spectator project.

Oh - a close up of the highlight of Tuja - the criss cross part:

I'm messing with finishing the button bands on Ingeborg for the rest of the weekend. I did some shopping for buttons as well. Maybe we'll have a picture of her finished soon.

Monday, August 23, 2004

I'm leaving in a half hour for a business trip. Back on Thursday. Why do I think that I can catch up on everything while away? I've packed half a suitcase of knitting, and thought I could download some self paced classes and do those too. For some reason, those classes have to be taken on line, so I have this goal of doing at least one while I'm away. Yeah, right..... after a day in school and picking up the e-mails that came in during the day. Hmmmm.

Well, I'm feeling fragmented, and like I'm not accomplishing anything. However, if one strolls through my house one will see all sorts of progress bits.

A sleeve with some lace peeking out

Some more lace - almost 42" slightly stretched

A button band has been picked up. That Ingeborg sure has a lot of fiddly bits to do before she is finished.

And some starz are born

Friday, August 20, 2004

Wow! Daughter in distress made the "A" team for school volleyball. 60ish girls tried out, and nine made the "A" team, with three more spot to be designated later. What a self esteem bump, or so it seems. On the way home, she said many girls didn't know why she made it and they didn't, then said they all hated her and she would probably not be able to keep her spot. Then we discussed how those girls may be jealous, and how if she kept working hard she should have no trouble staying the team. The coach told us that she wanted to see concentration and improvement in try outs, and obviously, daughter showed what coach was looking for. Her perception that the girls all hate her is probably not true, but even so, it makes no difference - a team is a team. As a mother I'm sure that once they get to know each other the opinions will change; dad says their opinions are irrelevant. Adolescence - yeesh At least we're all in therapy now.

I'm thinking of going with family to Kerrville for the Labor Day music festival. Any other Texan knit bloggers thinking the same? I hear it's a big Kum-by-ya weekend, and I be we can knit too!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

My husband is home for a while, and I think he is trying to cheer me up by sending me e-mail jokes. He sent this picture today, and I looked it up on urban myths, and yes, it is real. Check out this cool place to sit and do your "business":

On the knitting front, I'm creeping towards finishing Ingeborg. It's been hard with all the home front disruptions that take a much higher priority than knitting or blogging. Dorothy asked about the three needle bind off, and armholes. I don't know that I can answer her. I decided to add steek stitches, as my sewing machine is not to be trusted. So, I've done the crochet and cut as well as the three needle bind off. I suppose you could put the stitches on a holder, do the sewing, cut, then bind the shoulders off together. Back to me, the collar is sewn, armhole steeks crocheted. I plan to sew up the bottom and sleeve hems next, then knit button bands, sew the sleeves on after that. I've decided to say yes to lace.

The new Starz pullover is jerking along as well. Ten minutes in the parking lot waiting for volleyball practice to finish, here, a doctor waiting room for twenty minutes there, some passenger seat time. That's about it.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Why am I on a rollercoaster, and I'm NOT at AstroWorld?

Yeesh. Last week and a half have been a wreck.

Monday, Back from vacation, really late, no luggage. Ingeborg body was in a bag, husband's keys in the other.

Tuesday, Took husband to airport for his next four week away from home trip, and went back to my own job. Found out that three of my larger projects I was working on closed with no sale. Crud.

Wednesday, Left for my own business trip. Received a call late night from daughter's camp - minor injury that required a trip to the e-room. Didn't sleep much

Thursday, Ran into some extreme issues on a nice project. Probably can't win the deal because a competitor has a much nicer solution for the size. Another camp call - daughter fainted, and was taken back to the e-room. It was my birthday. I cried.

Friday, Got home, did house work and accounting all weekend. Boring is good.

Monday - Picked up bags, finally. The Ingeborg body was in there, and thankfully had not started to grow mold. Late night, more calls from camp. Daughter is apparently hurting herself, and needs to come home. Made air arrangements, spoke to husband, didn't sleep much.

Tuesday - spent the day making appointments, turning over work (again), trying not to cry. Picked up daughter.

Wednesday - husband returns - we fight, mostly because we are so stressed out and tired. Take daughter to medical doc and find a sinus infection. Take nap. Take daughter to get prescriptions filled, and we get our nails done. She's mostly ok - husband and I agree that she does is experimenting with behaviors, does not appear to be in immediate danger, but does need help dealing with her feelings. We all see a psychologist this afternoon, so we will have a professional opinion of what's up.

Knitting helps - especially during sleepless nights and on airplanes. So, here's the positive progress..... A novelty yarn scarf in garter stitch for daughter. She choose the yarn earlier in the summer. It's a little over 60" long.

Closeup of the yarn - black core with red fur. My screen is shoing some magenta. Don't believe it, it's just red. She likes it a lot.

Ingeborg now has a collar and her front steek is opened up. I'll sew down the collar and the bottom hem before progressing onto the button bands and sewing in the arms. Must find buttons.

On the business trip I started a new project for my husband. Remember, poor Ingeborg was still in a lost suitcase.

Friday the 13th is tomorrow. Can we please settle down?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Well, we're back, just in time to leave again. (business travel for us both) Vacation was beautiful, right up until the American Airlines computer disaster on Sunday. We were four hours delayed, got home at 3:00 a.m. and our luggage went on it's own vacation. Here it is, Wednesday, and it's still not here. The agent typed our delivery address incorrectly, and my husband was so tired he just grabbed the receipt and did not do his usual annoying inspection of paperwork. So, now I have the number of the delivery service, and I'm hoping they call me back. He's anxious because he has his house and car keys in there. I'm anxious because the completed body of Ingeborg is in mine.

Cross your fingers for me - I don't know if I can start that body from scratch.