Sunday, August 29, 2004

Back from my trip. I wasn't impressed with the class content, but a lot of knitting was done. On the travel leg from Houston to Atlanta, I finished the lace bits for Ingeborg:

I knew that the Starz project would be too hard for the class, but I worked some on it in the evenings and on the way back:

And on the leg from Atlanta to Newark, I cast on, and did the fiddly hem bit for Tuja from Dale 116 in Classic Elite Believe, color "mystic moss". They have you knit six rows, then purl the first row the the current row to make a little roll; nice but tedious. I used a temporary cast on with the ugly purple acryllic yarn to make the cast on stitches easier to find and pick up.

I was stoked because I got to the first cross over just as the class was ending. Cables are too complicated for class, so I was delighted to have just enough work for the time. I worked up the criss cross section on the way home according to the pattern, and hated how it looked. So, I tore it all back, and did it properly with a cable needle. The pattern uses cleverly paired increases and decreases to move the ribs to the center, but once it goes into cables, it was a mess.

I like it better now. So, now I'm up to the neck separation on the front; the back is separated and on a holder waiting for the front to be done. Since the first volleyball contest is Thursday, I think this will be a decent spectator project.

Oh - a close up of the highlight of Tuja - the criss cross part:

I'm messing with finishing the button bands on Ingeborg for the rest of the weekend. I did some shopping for buttons as well. Maybe we'll have a picture of her finished soon.

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