Thursday, August 19, 2004

My husband is home for a while, and I think he is trying to cheer me up by sending me e-mail jokes. He sent this picture today, and I looked it up on urban myths, and yes, it is real. Check out this cool place to sit and do your "business":

On the knitting front, I'm creeping towards finishing Ingeborg. It's been hard with all the home front disruptions that take a much higher priority than knitting or blogging. Dorothy asked about the three needle bind off, and armholes. I don't know that I can answer her. I decided to add steek stitches, as my sewing machine is not to be trusted. So, I've done the crochet and cut as well as the three needle bind off. I suppose you could put the stitches on a holder, do the sewing, cut, then bind the shoulders off together. Back to me, the collar is sewn, armhole steeks crocheted. I plan to sew up the bottom and sleeve hems next, then knit button bands, sew the sleeves on after that. I've decided to say yes to lace.

The new Starz pullover is jerking along as well. Ten minutes in the parking lot waiting for volleyball practice to finish, here, a doctor waiting room for twenty minutes there, some passenger seat time. That's about it.

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