Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hues Progresses

The body is finished, so time to strap in for some end weaving.

I am pleased with the two substitutions I used to cover for running out of yarn. In this picture you can see the original blue on the left and the substitute yarn on the right.

The original lighter green is in the two stripes on the left, and the substitute color is on the right.

I ended up with about 6" of the yellow yarn.

So, stash-busting success.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hues in Horizontal

Hues in Horizontal from Knitters Magazine, Fall 2000 seemed to be an interesting stash buster. As I remember, I had two four ounce skeins of the dark green and magenta that make the main colors and single four ounce skeins of the rest. These were vintage worsted wool skeins that I had aquired during my eBay yarn rampage days.

I worked most of the first sleeve on a road trip to somewhere. Probably a Christmas or Thanksgiving to North Carolina to see the FIL. Then, I went into a several year knitting funk.

Finishing something is my attempt at crawling out, and I suppose I'm doing reasonably well. Both sleeves are complete and the body to the front is done.

I recognized that I was running low on the light green and blue mid-way up the body. I had been considering a V neck rather than the round neck in the model and making a deep V seemed to be a choice that allows at least the front to complete before running out of yarn. I've finished one side and here is what is left:

:I have managed to find another 2 ounces of the light green. This ball had been set aside as it had serious sun damage, but it will do for the back.
I also managed to find some contemporary yarns, which, in combination look quite like the light blue.

It would be a shame to get this far and not be able to finish, so I am mushing along.  Wishing myself luck.