Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Well, I've been enjoying the wild thunderstorms this last weekend. The power went out on Saturday and we were left enjoying the light show, with no idea that a tornado set down about 10 miles away. I checked the back yard, and we have a small tree down, but it looks more like beaver damage rather than from the storm. What do you think?
I'm not sure what to do about a backyard beaver. Any ideas?

Been working along on the TDA over the weekend as well. Not too long to go before I start the ribbing for the bottom. Just great, a nice heavy aran in time for the lovely Houston summer. This time last year, my husband was complaining because he was in Peru all the time and it was cold, and he wanted a sweater. Now, he's no longer traveling, and the sweater is done. Talk about lame timing. Maybe we should plan a July ski trip to the Andes.

And more knitting notes, vaguely connected with the curly scarf.

I took daughter to the doctor last week for some post-op care for her sinus. I was working on the ruffle scarf, when the doctor and nurse came into the examining room. Turns out, they BOTH knit, and they have recently BOTH knit scarves for family memembers. The doctor was annoyed because she made a scarf for her mother in law. MIL later complained to her son about "only getting a scarf" for mothers day. That MIL will be getting gift cards in the future, I think. The nurse said that her sister was regularly offered money for her scarf when she wore it to church and always refused because it was hand made by her special sister.

Some people get it, and others don't.
May all your gift recipient's "get it".

Thursday, May 19, 2005

My husband and I chose to miss the Houston Art Car parade, and missed the knitted car cozy. Sometimes I wonder if I just don't get out enough. Most of the time I don't care. Houston however, is less boring that many believe. I guess that is true with most places. The gentleman who created this lovely automobile accessory has a blog, with more pictures.

I'm feeling lazy, and slow and less than satisfied with my own knitting progress. School is winding down, and so the regular schedule is changing to that week to week what are we doing schedule. However, since Girl Scouts are also slow this time of year, I can re-connect with local knitting guild meetings. I'd say whoopee, but I'm still feeling lazy and slow.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Well Happy Friday, and happy return of the hot summer to Houston. There has been knitting again. Maybe this will bring me back for the rest of my slumpy feelings.

I sat in a training class this week with a new project. Nice and easy so I can pay attention. Silly, no?

And a reason why the Top Down Aran is not really getting worked on too hard. Well, the real reason is that it's big, and can't travel, but if I have to wake a sleeping puppy too, it's so much harder.

No, really, it has made progress....

And what's this? An airplane project. More complex than a class project, but something that can travel the way the Aran cannot.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Well, I intended to do a update yesterday, but didn't get around to it. Anyway, happy blog birthday! Thank you for letting me show off my work, and for all the kind comments people have left behind.

And a finished item to show off. The feather and fan shawl ended up a lovely 60" long and 24" wide, and is drying nicely on my dining room table.

Daughter is resting upstairs from her surgery on Monday. It seemed to go well, and we are just monitoring for nosebleeds and fever for the next few days. She is uncomfortable as expected, and requires many snuggles.

We had fun in Austin on the weekend. Daughter volunteered at the AVP Beach Volleyball event, and my husband and I walked around downtown. Nice, I like Austin. Sunday, daughter got to shag balls for the women's semi-finals and was quite impressed with her good luck. Misty May and Kelli Walsh vs Elaine Youngs and Rachel Wacholder. Good game, but May/Walsh dominated. The mens final was dynamite, going into extra points before the underdog team of Lucena/Dalhausser took the third game. We left before the ladies finals, as we had enough v-ball and daugher knew who was going to win. You can read all about it at http://www.avp.com/

Now, I have a business trip to Florida next week. Should I start a new shawl, or a sweater? Hmmmm. Playtime in the stash room.