Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm back to two projects on the needles. One sort of complicated, and one very simple.
Neither are very photogenic, as they are on circular needles, and sort of squashed.

Fern is one an 1/2 skeins into the body. I had a bit of trouble on the twist stitch diamond pattern. So, I had to pull that section down, and re-do it. I decided to work the body in the round. So, it will be a few weeks before the front and back are separate, and a nice picture that shows all the pretty stitches can be made.

I spent a lot of time last week swatching the last of the Mothers Day Waikiki. I learned that this yarn does not like smaller needles. I tried some slip stich patterns, but the companion yarn took over the Waikiki, so the effect was dull, or in some way compromised the yarn. Some of the swatches look nice in the picture, but they didn't really show off how pretty the yarn is on it's own.

So, I started in on a tank top in plain stockinette. Just a tube, with a little shaping. Starting at 36 inches on the cast on, and increasing to about a 40inch bust.
It's sort of hard in the photograph to see the pretty colors. It's a blend of teal, magenta, purple, with a bit of tobacco. The colors are all about the same value, so the puddling that happens with multi colored yarn isn't unattractive. I wasn't thrilled about the brown at first, but now, it is my favorite effect. Again, not very photogenic as it is squashed up on a circular needle.

Monday, June 18, 2007

On with the finishing frenzy. The last of the part about to be off the needles is here. That would be the second sleeve for Fern. Here they are for a group shot.

So, fussy finishing is over for a while. I will knit on Fern for a main project.

There is the "Mothers Day Binge" situation. I have two more skeins of a multi-color mohair mix. That, I think will make a nice baby sweater.

Then, there are six skeins of Crystal Palace Waikiki, in a darker teal/purple/tobacco brown colorway. Just beautiful, but also multicolored, and textured, and not enough for a tank top. I've got plans, and some yarns that co-ordinate to work with. Maybe next week, there will be a plan for it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Houston, we have finished Hardangervidda. Just in time for the swampy, hot summer.

To Review

I used 10 skeins (150 meters/skein) of Norweigian Sport Wool, purchased from I was going to use Nature Spun Sport, but backed out as I felt that I would run out of yarn. If ball bands can be believed, the NatureSpun has more yardage per 50 grms, so I should been able to do it. Live and learn. Contrast colors were stash NatureSpun in Creme, and stash Alpaca in black.

I, of course, changed the pattern some.

1) I reversed the "block Rib, so that the blocky side was on top rather than the ribby side.
2) I used a Shetland steek method, rather than machine sewing and cutting for the armhole. This is really not anything anyone would notice, and since I did make a facing one would have to cut the sweater apart to see.
3) I modified the neck, making it smaller. My husband likes his necks snug.
4) I modified the neck, using a repeat of one of the small diamond pattern with the contrasting stripes rather than the block rib.

And a picture of the "private side" for those of you who like to look. This would be the inside of the join between one arm and the body. Whoopy dooo.

Monday, June 11, 2007

We are well into June, and in a finishing frenzy here in Swatchyland.

Last week, I finished up the Elegant Diamonds sweater. This weekend, much work on the Hardangervidda. It is still not done, but the neck is in, and I like it quite a lot. Still grafting, and sort of anxious about it. I see a distinct line where the grafting was done. You can sort of see it in the photograph. I'm hoping it will go away when the sweater is washed and blocked. If not, I'll tear it out an try again - once.
Any wisdom?

Oh yeah, I also finished a scarf. This represents skeins 3 and 4 of my 13 skein Mothers Day yarn binge. It is a garter ladder pattern from the first Barbara Walker Treasury of knitting stitches. I'm usually not one to post pictures of yarn, I think that pretty dopey. However, I have a big problem with this multi-colored novelty stuff. I find it hard to get a fabric that represents what the skein looks like. I think in this case, the stitch pattern worked well. What say you?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy June.

I finally got out my tapestry needle and finished E.D. See?
She's soft and pretty, with one issue that is not her fault. She fits a version of me that is probably 20 pounds lighter than the version that is currently present.
Yes, I'm another one of those folks struggling with weight. This summer, perhaps some will go away. My my blood pressure has been creeping up, and doctor says that it needs to go down, or I go on drugs. I've repeated this enough that my husband is supporting the effort as well. We will be consistent about exercise, and better food choices for a few months at least.
On with the knitting.
Since the tapestry needle was out, all the hems and facings for Hargandervidda got sewn. I also, (horrors) separated the top and bottom, so that I could add those two inches of length. We drove to a nice area to bicycle ride on Sunday, so that's done. The neck has been picked up as well. No pictures, because he is so embarrassed about being in pieces again. Maybe next week, he will be in a better mood.