Thursday, June 14, 2007

Houston, we have finished Hardangervidda. Just in time for the swampy, hot summer.

To Review

I used 10 skeins (150 meters/skein) of Norweigian Sport Wool, purchased from I was going to use Nature Spun Sport, but backed out as I felt that I would run out of yarn. If ball bands can be believed, the NatureSpun has more yardage per 50 grms, so I should been able to do it. Live and learn. Contrast colors were stash NatureSpun in Creme, and stash Alpaca in black.

I, of course, changed the pattern some.

1) I reversed the "block Rib, so that the blocky side was on top rather than the ribby side.
2) I used a Shetland steek method, rather than machine sewing and cutting for the armhole. This is really not anything anyone would notice, and since I did make a facing one would have to cut the sweater apart to see.
3) I modified the neck, making it smaller. My husband likes his necks snug.
4) I modified the neck, using a repeat of one of the small diamond pattern with the contrasting stripes rather than the block rib.

And a picture of the "private side" for those of you who like to look. This would be the inside of the join between one arm and the body. Whoopy dooo.


Bets said...

What a beautiful sweater,love the red, congratulations!

hege said...

Your Hardangervidda is beautiful! Great work!