Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm back to two projects on the needles. One sort of complicated, and one very simple.
Neither are very photogenic, as they are on circular needles, and sort of squashed.

Fern is one an 1/2 skeins into the body. I had a bit of trouble on the twist stitch diamond pattern. So, I had to pull that section down, and re-do it. I decided to work the body in the round. So, it will be a few weeks before the front and back are separate, and a nice picture that shows all the pretty stitches can be made.

I spent a lot of time last week swatching the last of the Mothers Day Waikiki. I learned that this yarn does not like smaller needles. I tried some slip stich patterns, but the companion yarn took over the Waikiki, so the effect was dull, or in some way compromised the yarn. Some of the swatches look nice in the picture, but they didn't really show off how pretty the yarn is on it's own.

So, I started in on a tank top in plain stockinette. Just a tube, with a little shaping. Starting at 36 inches on the cast on, and increasing to about a 40inch bust.
It's sort of hard in the photograph to see the pretty colors. It's a blend of teal, magenta, purple, with a bit of tobacco. The colors are all about the same value, so the puddling that happens with multi colored yarn isn't unattractive. I wasn't thrilled about the brown at first, but now, it is my favorite effect. Again, not very photogenic as it is squashed up on a circular needle.

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