Monday, December 17, 2007

Once that baby sweater body was done, I didn't want to look at it for a few days. So, I got back and busy with Fern. She now has a front, all done. All that is left is the back, and sewing up, as the sleeves were knit this spring.

Look at the sexy close up. I know you want it.

I want to get that baby sweater done before leaving for Christmas Holiday, so I started the sleeve on Sunday. Monday afternoon, I present the one armed baby sweater. Moving along nicely, yes?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I got into Ravelry this weekend. My that is a nice interface. One can get quite involved in sorting, and queuing, and stashing online. Almost forgot that it was all about the knitting. I think I have over a year of projects in my queue now. I considered loading up past projects, but I think I'll keep them here, and spend the time knitting.

Over the weekend, this sweater exploded into color, and I just couldn't stop. Last night I finished sewing up the shoulders, put on the collar, and cleaned up the ends that were there.

Yes, most of the yoke was three colors, and I'm not so very good at handling three colors. I can do the color in each hand thing all day, but three was slow. I doubt I'd try this for an adult size any time soon.

Friday, December 07, 2007

After the baby sweater marathon, counted what I needed to do. 5 sweaters made, one more to do before we leave for Christmas. The idea of digging into another baby sweater gave me the heaves. So, I picked up Fern again.
She needed a few more inches to get to the arm opening, and I accomplished that and a bit more. Since half the stitches are now on a piece of waste yarn, she can stretch out for her pictures. I think she's quite pretty.
I also finished another scarf. This is for a friend in New Jersey, and will be mailed today, probably.

Wednesday night, I finally got interested in starting that last for 2007 baby sweater. I'm doing the cover sweater from the Dale of Norway book 81. It has the lovely name of "Baby Wo0l 8106" I'm using Nature Spun Sport, and getting a gauge of 26 st/4 inch instead of the 32 called for. No problem, I found that the stitch count for the three month model will result in a diameter that will be about right for the intended baby. I need to calculate the row count to make sure the armhole works out. I have a ruler, and I know how to use it, so no problems.

I changed the colors; using "Bit of Blue" for the main color, "Sapphire" for the darker contrast color, and "Orange Crush" for the second contrast color. The Orange is on the red side and the Sapphire is on the Purple side. There is also a fourth color used in the yoke. I'm going back and forth on that one.
The pattern does have a number of rounds with THREE colors, which I find tricky.