Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Milo Sleeves

Milo is coming along nicely. One sleeve done and one on the way. 
For the fair isle sweaters, I usually keep a purl stitch 'seam' as suggested by Elizabeth Zimmerman. For this pattern, the practice does not work so well. Instead, I'm marking the seam with a slip stitch every other row. I like it, but it is tough to keep the tension right. I think the first sleeve is a bit tight. I expect it to relax a bit after blocking. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Finish and Start

The Ocean Glow pullover is complete and I'm quite happy with it. It has been sent to a friend who has first dibs and I'm waiting for the reaction.

I was really not interested in the small job of sewing the sleeves this week. I fusted and delayed a few days, beginning the next project instead.

Finally, I got it done.

A few notes on the pattern:

First, I was very happy to see that it translates well to worsted for an adult size. The math worked but sometimes the results are not pleasing.

Second, my normal process of doing sleeves first was very helpful for this pattern. My preference for a set in sleeve creates the need for back-and-forth knitting once the armhole decreases are done. By that time, my fingers had memorized the small pattern and I only had to refer to the chart for the large center medallion.

Third, there are two errors on the medallion chart. The first is row 28. Since the hurricane I do not have a scanner so I won't demonstrate where the error is here. If you read this and then try the pattern you will find it. Then, evaluate the symmetry and choose what to do.

Next up is Milo, a free pattern from Berroco. This one is fairly straight forward. Because I'm using stash, there is a twist. I have 10oz of turquoise, 8ounces of blue and green and 4 ounces of two purples. So, The purples are alternating in the sequence. Also, this will be mostly in the round as I seem to dislike sewing these days.

Starting out, I was surprised how many mistakes I made in the sequence. Now, I'm paying attention a bit more and doing better.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Ocean Body and Calculations

Nancy was right. I did not buy enough of the magenta yarn to finish. To calculate what I needed, I marked the beginning and end of the first whole skein I used on the body. Then I measured how many inches between the beginning and the end of the skein. Now, I know that I will need one more skein to finish the project so I can buy in confidence. 

It also looks like there will be about two beg medallions to the arm hole, then another one and a half to the neck. I'm pleased with the way the pattern has adjusted to the adult size. Sometimes it doesn't work so well.

Oh, and the new owner of the Swallow sweater sent me a selfie. They look happy together.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sleeves and a Swatch

Since last week I have finished a sleeve and a half on the Ocean Glow. I also thought about my visit to the yarn shop. Linda quizzed me about the amount of yarn I needed for this sweater. I had taken six 50gm skeins of the magenta and was confident that this would be enough. The first skein ran out about the middle of the first sleeve cap so now, I am not so sure. 
I am pretty sure that Linda was trying to ask me if I was buying enough to complete the project. I seem to be having the problem of not quite enough to finish this year. There may be a trip to the shop next week.

I think this project is looking good.

Instead of concentrating entirely on the Ocean Glow, I had a craving to swatch today. I assembled skeins to make a Milo design by Berroco. I have 12 ounces of turquoise, 8 each of green and dark blue and about 8 of two different purples which I plan to alternate. The purples will be A, blue and green will be B and C and turquoise will be D. I like the way the colors play together so it is a go for the next project. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ocean Glow Edges

Here is the next project.

This is an adult version of a child's pattern from Small Knits  by Tone Takle and Lise Kolstadcalled Ocean Glow. I originally thought the body would be turquoise and white, but the white did not stand up to the colored edges. 

I planned to visit Nancy at Nancy's knits to show off how great the yarn I purchased worked out in the sparrow sweater. That was my excuse to visit her worsted yarn. So many choices. I ended up with a dark magenta and I am much happier.

While I was fussing, I decided that I should do the colored edges for both sleeves and the body. That way, I don't have to remember how the pattern worked and can get past all the join without twisting and fussing with the picot.

I also wanted to make sure that I had enough of the bits I needed for the edges. I'm tired of scaring myself. Here is a closeup. Nice?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Post Harvey FO

When last seen, the knitting was complete, but the ends needed to be worked in. All is complete now.

Before gifting, I plan to bring it in to Nancy's Knits to show off how awesome the color match of the yarn was. I'm still astonished at how well it worked out. I even showed the sweater to my husband, who sees all flaws, and he could not see the switch.

I started swatching/fiddling with colors for the next work. There should be something to show later this week.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Got Lucky

I have been worried and sort of expecting to run out of the lighter blue color for this sweater. 

And, I did. 

Seems unlucky. But, I went shopping on Saturday. Houston is not a great city for yarn. Two well stocked shops for 6 million folks seems a bit shy to me. But, hey no never mind, off I went to do the impossible and find the perfect near match for the not-quite-enough color.

And, I found it.
Sure, it was a sport weight and needed to be doubled, but I am unable to see where I made the switch.
How great is that?