Monday, June 05, 2006

Well, it's been a while. Seems that blogger is having issues today, so the update is taking longer than I expected.

Last entry I had a graphic disaster with the big B&L Regal sweater. I've worked on the duplicate stitch solution a little bit, and it looks ok from the front. It's nasty on the back. I'm not sure that matters, and I think with some concentration, and a sharp needle, I can make that better as well.

Here is a picture; notice that the left hand column of pattern is correct, and the center and right hand ones are wrong. Don't see it? Squint a little, and you will sense a curve rather than strong straight lines.

I also realized this weekend that I'm going on a business trip in two weeks. One of my team members just delivered a baby girl. Another team member works with a friend who also just delivered a baby girl. I have one baby sweater with no buttons. What to do? Yank some yarn and get busy. This is a relief because I chose a novelty yarn and a very simple pattern. Something to forget my big project "issues". Garter stich all the way. The arms are done, and the body is on it's way. More later.

On the personal front, daughter went to camp Sunday, and husband to Europe on business. So, I'm in the company of Shiloh and GingGong. There is the very real possibility that I will spend too much time working, and never leave the house for the whole week. I can be that way.