Thursday, August 24, 2006

Back again
Miss Me?

This is a clever pattern. One way, it is a long jacket with a shawl collar. The other way, it is a bolero with a hoodie.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Still slogging through summer heat and a general organization maliase. Still working on soothing stockenette. Finally reasonably pleased with the project choice for this awful yarn.

Third try is the charm, I suppose. It is, if you are interested, the Bulky Gauge Pinwheel Sweater for Children, free from Apparently, my gauge is not quite bulky enough, as this sweater will measure about 16" around when done and folded instead of 22". Nice for a newborn, but I need a sweater for a 1YO at this point. No worries. I will fold it away, for a future newborn, and try again, this time making adjustments.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well another blogging gap.
We will call it summer vacation.
More like summer knitting blues.

I had the Fasset working, and ran into a glitch that I didn't feel the strength to address.
I had the big Russian Prime that I tried to fix with duplicate stitch, and ended up cutting the offending part off, to reknit.

I found that the only knitting I could tolerate was stockenette stitch.

I made a nice baby sweater with a hood but didn't photograph it before giving it away.

I made this bolero for my daughter from the Debbie Bliss "Simply Soft" book. The CashMerino was delicious. Very very soft, and very red. The pattern was nice; I had to adjust it because I could not make the gauge. Usually, I have to go to a way smaller needle because I knit too loose. This time, I could not get loose enough. So, I picked a needle size, and made adjustments. It worked out well, as you can see. I was miffed that there were not diagrams or measurements in the book. Why would you not include such basic information. I doubt I will buy a Debbie Bliss book again without checking to see if there are diagrams.