Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Well another blogging gap.
We will call it summer vacation.
More like summer knitting blues.

I had the Fasset working, and ran into a glitch that I didn't feel the strength to address.
I had the big Russian Prime that I tried to fix with duplicate stitch, and ended up cutting the offending part off, to reknit.

I found that the only knitting I could tolerate was stockenette stitch.

I made a nice baby sweater with a hood but didn't photograph it before giving it away.

I made this bolero for my daughter from the Debbie Bliss "Simply Soft" book. The CashMerino was delicious. Very very soft, and very red. The pattern was nice; I had to adjust it because I could not make the gauge. Usually, I have to go to a way smaller needle because I knit too loose. This time, I could not get loose enough. So, I picked a needle size, and made adjustments. It worked out well, as you can see. I was miffed that there were not diagrams or measurements in the book. Why would you not include such basic information. I doubt I will buy a Debbie Bliss book again without checking to see if there are diagrams.

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