Monday, June 11, 2007

We are well into June, and in a finishing frenzy here in Swatchyland.

Last week, I finished up the Elegant Diamonds sweater. This weekend, much work on the Hardangervidda. It is still not done, but the neck is in, and I like it quite a lot. Still grafting, and sort of anxious about it. I see a distinct line where the grafting was done. You can sort of see it in the photograph. I'm hoping it will go away when the sweater is washed and blocked. If not, I'll tear it out an try again - once.
Any wisdom?

Oh yeah, I also finished a scarf. This represents skeins 3 and 4 of my 13 skein Mothers Day yarn binge. It is a garter ladder pattern from the first Barbara Walker Treasury of knitting stitches. I'm usually not one to post pictures of yarn, I think that pretty dopey. However, I have a big problem with this multi-colored novelty stuff. I find it hard to get a fabric that represents what the skein looks like. I think in this case, the stitch pattern worked well. What say you?

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