Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy June.

I finally got out my tapestry needle and finished E.D. See?
She's soft and pretty, with one issue that is not her fault. She fits a version of me that is probably 20 pounds lighter than the version that is currently present.
Yes, I'm another one of those folks struggling with weight. This summer, perhaps some will go away. My my blood pressure has been creeping up, and doctor says that it needs to go down, or I go on drugs. I've repeated this enough that my husband is supporting the effort as well. We will be consistent about exercise, and better food choices for a few months at least.
On with the knitting.
Since the tapestry needle was out, all the hems and facings for Hargandervidda got sewn. I also, (horrors) separated the top and bottom, so that I could add those two inches of length. We drove to a nice area to bicycle ride on Sunday, so that's done. The neck has been picked up as well. No pictures, because he is so embarrassed about being in pieces again. Maybe next week, he will be in a better mood.

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