Friday, August 20, 2004

Wow! Daughter in distress made the "A" team for school volleyball. 60ish girls tried out, and nine made the "A" team, with three more spot to be designated later. What a self esteem bump, or so it seems. On the way home, she said many girls didn't know why she made it and they didn't, then said they all hated her and she would probably not be able to keep her spot. Then we discussed how those girls may be jealous, and how if she kept working hard she should have no trouble staying the team. The coach told us that she wanted to see concentration and improvement in try outs, and obviously, daughter showed what coach was looking for. Her perception that the girls all hate her is probably not true, but even so, it makes no difference - a team is a team. As a mother I'm sure that once they get to know each other the opinions will change; dad says their opinions are irrelevant. Adolescence - yeesh At least we're all in therapy now.

I'm thinking of going with family to Kerrville for the Labor Day music festival. Any other Texan knit bloggers thinking the same? I hear it's a big Kum-by-ya weekend, and I be we can knit too!

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