Monday, March 13, 2006

Greetings from snowy Colorado. The resort has free wireless Internet. I took my laptop for the purpose of uploading vacations pictures from my camera. The camera is an older digital, and the chip does not take too many pictures before it gets full. Of course, I am "cheating, and checking my office e-mail out of some sense of self defense.

In the mean time, the results of our escape from Houston. The arm still needs to be properly attached, and cleaned up.

We stopped for groceries, and then to a Wallmart, as I think I forgot to bring tapestry needles. We found this awful fun fur, and silly me, I offered to make daughter a hat out of some of it.

Oops; does altitude cause me to forget that I hate novelty yarn?

Well, here it is, started; I'm doing a garter stitch short row wedge hat. Very silly, and oh yeah - yellow and red do make orange.

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