Friday, October 19, 2007

It's the middle of October, and cooling down enough that I may be able to touch wool again. I wish I could say I have been busy and productive over the summer. Just hasn't happened.

Let's review:

I had a goal to purchase no new yarn, and to make six adult sized stash sweaters this year.

I amended that because of a mothers day yarn purchase, that all the new yarn must be used as well as the six sweaters.

I'm pleased to say that most of the mothers day yarn is gone. The last bits are going into baby sweaters. Here's one that is done, and sleeves are made for the next one.
There are two balls of a mohair mix waiting to become yet another baby sweater. There have been quite a few born recently - mostly boys.

I was also working on a mesh top based on a pattern from the summer Vogue knitting. The parts are done the edging is done, it's a matter of sewing it together and cleaning up the ends.

This would be adult sweater number 4.

Fern is sweater number 5, and I must signed up for the Fall Cables KAL to motivate me to get her back out and done.

Perhaps over the weekend, I can get the mesh top completed, and Fern back in the mix.

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