Monday, November 19, 2007

Almost done with some projects. This scarf just needs to have the ends worked in, then it's off to my friend Kathy in Seattle. She saw one like it that was being gifted, and put in an order. I'm a sucker for people admiring my work, so she gets a scarf.
When my daughter was a toddler, and I was travelling to Seattle a lot, she wanted to know who Addle was, since I visited this person so often.
A baby sweater to go to Atlanta. I finished the blue linen stitch one, and gave it away before taking a picture. The only way it will get documented here is if dad puts it on baby, and snap a picture.
I did a baby count, and came up with EIGHT. I guess I missed one, and I learned that another was landing last week. So, with this one, that's four down, and another four to go.
And another scarf for Carol in New Jersey. Carol helps me with a lot of projects, and New Jersey is nasty in the winter, so I hope she enjoys it.
Poor Fern. With Holiday Gifting scarfs, and baby sweaters, she is sad, and packed away in a zip lock. I keep thinking this week I'll do an eight row repeat, but it hasn't happened for a few weeks now. Maybe this week?

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