Monday, November 05, 2007

Well, the blog was slammed by some spam comment generator over the weekend. I thought I was suddenly popular. Silly me, I hardly get comments here, why should that change? I deleted the stupid stuff, and have added the little box with the funny letters to prevent the spam engines from tagging without effort.

I've been working on baby sweaters the past week. They've been showing up, and I intended to get them taken care of by the end of the year. I counted the babies I felt commited to make a sweater for, and the number was six.


These mitered jackets are for a set of twins that were born almost a year ago. They were premature, but now doing fine. My husband asked me to make these for his friend at work. This is the first time he has asked me to knit something for someone. They will get these baby surprise jackets as soon as I get the buttons.

Two newborns at the Atlanta Office, a boy and a girl. I've got the sleeves and edgings for this little blue jacket left to do. I'm using the last of the "Mothers Day" yarn binge and some very light blue e-bay yarn in a slip stitch pattern for the bottom of the body. This is a close up of the slip stitch pattern.
I'll do just the mohair mix for the top and arms. The edgings will be garter stitch in the light blue like the hem. Should be done soon as well.
The next will be for the girl. I go to Atlanta next week, so I hope I can get them both done and ready to give away for that trip.

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