Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well, I'm a little dopey on Valium. I am having a tooth extracted in a few hours, and the preprocedure Valium is kicking in.
It's Thursday, and I have some stuff to show off, so here we go.
I finished my first sleeve. Now, I was trying to encourage some comments when I asked for a guess on the pattern. Surely, you anonymous people who are looking at my work would know what this is. I may send some mohair and instructions for a fluffy brioche scarf to someone who identifies the new project.
About the yarn. This was a most excellent eBay score. I have a sack of different colors of this same brand, but over 14 2 oz skeins of this same color and dye lot. The sleeve took just less than 2 skeins, so I'm comfortable that I have plenty.
It's wonderful to work with, and as I recall, quite a value.
Hey, by the way, I noticed that this blog will be having a birthday next week. 4 years of knitblogging. How about that?

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