Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm finishing up my five day conference tomorrow, and the evil plan has worked well. I completed most of the pattern section of my Hardangervidda sleeve on the car ride to the meeting. I didn't grab some extra white, so I ran out, and have to set the piece aside until I get home.

I'm motoring up the stockinette section. I astound my peers as I don't look at my hands, and can concentrate on the speaker. I've even had a few conversations on the difference between Norwegian and British style designs. Technical people are fascinated by the charts.

In the mean time, my new project. Can a reader id this one? It's easy.

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elizabeth said...

I belong to the Dale KAL and had to visit your blog after your message. My Dale(Frogner) is stalled-hope to get back to it soon though. I know this sweater as I knit it myself several years ago-Alice Starmore's Fern from Stillwater. It is such a fun knit-yours looks beautiful!