Monday, April 02, 2007

Well, here is the plan.

I knit Hardangervidda second sleeve past the lower pattern section, and have eight or so inches of plain stockenette. I cast on the body, and plan to knit past the lower pattern section there as well. I'm most of the way through the texture section, about to start the last bit of two color pattern. Then, set aside, as I have a large conference to attend mid month. Having a stretch of stockenette to whale on during that meeting will help me not go crazy.

Miss GingGong has not been featured on these pages for some time. I noticed her monitoring the front driveway her perch on the top of the Miata. It's a good place for a kitty to sit; she can see all that comes and goes, and it's sort soft, and doesn't get too hot. Much better than a regular car top.

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