Monday, March 26, 2007

Good Morning.

I was knocked out most of the weekend with nuclear allergies. What a waste. I thought I was getting away with something by being out of town two weeks of the big spring bloom, but Thursday, the pollen overcame my Allegra, and I was mostly out of commission for three days. Whatever it is, it has receded some, and I'm back in the game. I still have itchy eyes, a headache, and upset stomach. Ewwwww.

But hey! I finished another brioche scarf. This one is hot pink and yellow, but from a distance comes off as almost orange. The pink was a one skein wonder, I think from ArtFibers in San Francisco.

If anyone is counting, that is 7 brioche scarfs, and over 1 pound of stash mohair devoted to 2007 holiday gifts.

For some reason, this one photographs nicely close up to show the fishtail effect I so enjoy. The other side would show yellow knit columns with pink fishtails.

On Sunday, when I started feeling better, and the snot stopped leaking out of my nose, I found some special time with my tapestry needle, and E.D.'s pieces. It took me a few tries to get the pieces to fit nicely. The neck edge is an extension of the button band ribbing that needs to be stretched a bit then sewn down. I apparently haven't stretched it enough, as it looks all wavy. There is still the matter of all those ends to deal with as well. So, there is still some work yet to do before she is done.

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