Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hardangervidda is back

While I had three projects on the needles, and was making myself crazy, one of the things I did was explode my yarn stash. There, I found 14 110meter skeins of red Norwegian wool. Yes! I don't know why this pattern has such a grip, but now, the grip is on the needles, and on it's way.
I'm 13 inches up the sleeve, and it seems like I can do the sleeve in two skeins and maybe a bit more than that of the red. Plenty of material. Notice also, that I reversed the texture section between the two pattern segments, as the last time I tried this pattern, I thought that the backside looked better.
Oh, and the next brioche scarf is coming along. I'm off again out of town, so no updates for a week or so.

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