Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oh look. The raspberry and pink scarf is done. A little early as I ran out of the lighter pink yarn. It's only 62 inches; I go for 74". Yet, it still doubles around my neck, and has an acceptable tail.

What a surprise. Another is on the needles already. This one is black and light grey. Knitters who remember the hand knitting boom of the 80's may recall Sisi from a company Chat Bot or something. Chat is french for cat, but I don't have the label, and can't remember. That's how old the black is.

E.D. is in a heap waiting to be seamed and finished. I currently feel little motivation to do this. Not sure why; just too busy getting put away from last week and ready for nex.

I get to go an ANOTHER vacation next week. Mexico - whoo hooo. That's probably a good thing for people at work, as I have been terse and grumpy. Seems I have limited tolerance for people who won't read instructions. One fellow said there were too many words, so someone had to show him how to do everything.

Eeech; I'm outta here.

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