Monday, April 23, 2007

Well, watch Hardangervidda grow, will ya?

Both sleeves are done.

The body is about an inch from the underarm, where the two color action will begin again.

In the mean time, I still am troubled by this beautiful multi-colored Brilla that I bought from Elann a long time ago. It is cotton/rayon, shiny and slick. I tried a pattern with it, and it just wasn't right. I was so frustrated that I swatched it every which way. It was not speaking to me. I put it in the closet. That was 2004.
Time passed.
Last week, was visiting our LYS, to pick up some needles. I seem to be missing my #1 circular, and needed another long #2. I saw the new Vogue Knitting. I saw the number two design; a mesh bathing suit cover up. It's not on the preview page, so interested readers will have to go look at the magazine. I found Brilla. I swatched. The Brilla spoke to me. This is what it wants to be. How about that?

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