Monday, June 21, 2004

I was supposed to go to Louisiana today, but I missed my flight. I'm glad too, because I think I picked up Fifth disease from the nephews last week. This is a mild childhood illness that I apparently managed to miss until now. It's also called "slap face" because of the rash. Last night I was really itchy, and needed to go out for some Bennydryl. I still feel off, and I think I'll be itching again this afternoon. Lovely.

I've almost finished sleeve #2 for Ingeborg. No picture, because it looks just like the first one.

Speaking of itching, last week I was itching for a new project. So, Swatchy has been swatching. The alpaca my husband brought me from Peru is just perfect for another pattern in the Dale 126 book that Ingeborg is in. Here are some colorways for #2 Hardangervidda. ( #3 needle for future reference) We all like the middle one the best.

And I got busy with the Brilla paint that I ripped out last week. All with a #5 needle

#1 is a slip stitch pattern with some navy mohair from an VogueKnitting;Spr/Summer 1985
#2 same pattern w/light blue shetland wool
#3 linen stitch w/light blue shetland
#4 linen stitch w/navy mohair
#5 linen stitch 3/brilla solid - kiwi
#6 from Jean Frost Jackets - sanquar slip stitch in very light green wool
#7 linen stitch w/light green wool
#8 slip stitch #1 with the light green

I still don't know what I'm going to do with this stuff. Husband admired #5. I'm thinking of doing the Jean Frost Jacket with #6 or doing my own design with #6 and #7. I'll have to check if I have enough of the light green. I'm also thinking of some other patterns to swatch. Maybe I'll use all 16 balls on test swatches. Serve me right.

I also got out some Classic Elite "Believe" that I ordered from Elann during a yarn binge. It's supposed to knit to 21st/10cm on #7 needles. I got 19 stitches on #5's, proving once again that swatching is good. I'm either knitting a lot looser than I used to, or the yarn industry has gotten uptight. I seem to need to go down several needle sizes from the recommended one these days. Well, it's just perfect for Tuja from Dale #116. The pattern calls for their wool, but I don't see a good reason why the Believe should not be appropriate. No picture - looks just like stockenette stitch.

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