Thursday, June 03, 2004

So, I'm making myself crazy with procrastination and too much to do. So what should I do? How about a blog entry? Well, I have just the right amount of time, and other activities will take more or less.

Promised pictures - the finished Crystal Cove front/back. I'm not impressed yet. It is sort of a misshapen rectangle. I'm hoping that when the other side is attached at the shoulders, the graceful swoops of the stitch/short row pattern will be revealed. In the mean time, I still think the colors are great, and the yarn is making a great fabric.

And - ta daa! An Ingeborg sleeve.

Ingeborg is going to go to sleep for a bit. I will be working on Hank8.

I tried last night to work on Hank8, while taking a safe driving course on the Internet. One of my procrastinated tasks. Well, it's a great course, and requires attention, so I could not manage my complicated and long neglected project friend. Maybe I'll finish tonight, and get him started up. What will I do if I ever finish, and he is no longer keeping me company underneath my chair? Oh, yeah - I could start another project. Silly me.

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