Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Back from our trip, and it was nice.
Good Weather.
No wedding.

FIL did roast a pig for us, and a good portion of the clan came down. Curiously, the bride2be did not show at the party at all, although us kids saw her before and after. Lots of odd interpersonal currents moving, but I was able to work on to the Ingeborg sleeve and listen. Keeps me from being a snippy, arrogant Yankee. The bonus is that I'm about six inches into the second sleeve now.

Oh, and she seems to be keeping the shawl. Fine with me.

Crystal Cove awaits side seams. I'm hoping it looks as good on as it does hanging in the picture. I'll write some pattern notes if anyone is interested. The pattern has a few very clever elements.

I'm itching for a new project. I just started two - what's up with that? So, I'm looking at really old Vogue knitting magazines. Yummy.

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