Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Back from the water park, and recovered from a day of prune skin. The rest of the long weekend was finishing parts. No pictures. Ingeborg sleeve, and a front/back unit for Crystal Cove. For a short moment I had nothing on my needles but Henry8. Dodn't get to him, as my daughter abandonded her sewing project, and I finished that as well. Good thing we didn't have part of a half gallon of ice cream and an apple pie, because since I was finsining everything else....

But I digress. I did get distracted with the sewing, and cut out a dress for myself.

And the big news - FIL's wedding is off, but we are all still going to see him in N. Carolina. I sent that grey mohair shawl off to the financee. Wonder if it is going to come back.

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