Thursday, May 27, 2004


At 12:30 today. The girl and I are taking a road trip and spending Friday at an awesome water park. The second half of our weekend will be spent with me helping her finish a sewing project, and my commitment to get Henry8 out from under the chair. Little hope of finishing him before my husband returns to Peru. He does not get to stay home very long, and I'm not very fast. My poor man gave me the best "why haven't you finished that yet?" I've heard. He told me he had to buy a cheap sweater in Lima, because he was getting cold. When he got it home he found it was poorly made, and he had to repair some holes. Booo Hooo. Come home to Texas, honey. It's 90 degress in the afternoon.

However, I'm easily distracted. As will be revealed.

This is my new "traveling" project, "Cove Creek" by "Just One More Row" from Brilla cotton/rayon purchased from I was hoping that the multi-color sections would be longer so that the colors striped instead of puddled. Even so, there is a lot of movement and it's shiny and drapey and fun.

But wait! There's more. I couldn't stop from starting this:

I joined the knit along hosted by the Wendy. This is cashmere/merino purchased from WEBs. The person who writes the description must have been up too late, as the yarn is described as sport weight. No way - this is about the same weight as shetland/lace wool. It's two tight strands, so one can split it easily, but the strands are so tight, it is a simple matter to set the yarn right again. It needs to be washed and will fluff into a light but crisp fabric. Just right for the mild winters here.

I bought way too much, and there is a pattern in a really old Knitters that I will do next for my poor cold husband. But that is after waterparks and after Henry.

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