Monday, May 17, 2004

Happy Monday, again.

Look who's lounging on my sofa, waiting to be dry:

This little guy, or his friend has been hiding in the sweater during lapses in finishing progress.

Living in an urban rain forest, it's awfully hard to keep the critters out. We were disturbed when we first moved in by odd noises out the bedroom window at night. Turned out to be a good sized armadillo. I did some research, and found that the common approach is to leave them alone. The thought is that if you remove one, another just move in after it. I hear our neighbor a few doors down traps and destroys the ones that wander into her yard. I hope she enjoys the activity as there seems to be an endless supply of these guys. The other approach is to get a terrier, as they are bred to be rodent hunters, and will often aggressively go after them. Our bedroom 'dillo usually produces a brood of babies this time of year. I've not seem them yet, but I hear they've been about. One may have already met it's end by meeting the neighbor dogs.

I also found a yucky baby bunny with parts eating out of it on my back porch. Has Miss GingGong not been enjoying her meals?

Enough of the critters. Back to knitting. I was pulled over by the knitting police for knitting lace without a pattern. The sentence? About twenty rows. I'm just glad that I wasn't convicted for knitting under the influence.

In the mean time, here she is, waiting for a conference call.

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