Thursday, May 20, 2004

Oooooh, Gene, I feel so complemented!! Me confused with a Rowan designer? Heee heee heee.

Here's the scoop on the on the finished sweater. I saw Sara Peasleys work on her Hanne Falkenberg Tokyo. I thought, wow, that would make a fine manly sweater. It's a slip stitch pattern that can be found in Barbara Walkers third book, called "Ceasars Check". I had a very dear friend who has asked for a sweater, and worked the pattern as one of a group of swatches. He said he wanted "British racing green and tan". Well, I had what I thought was the correct green, and some nice tape from a Webs bag sale about thirteen years ago. Lana Borgesia Castle 30% mohair, 30%wool, 40% acrylic. That company must have been on a King Arthur kick, as the label has a sword in a stone graphic. The fuzzy mohair I'm using for the "dice blue" shawl is from the same stash, and it's called "Morgana", and has the same graphic. My friend liked the slip stitch swatch; the yarn makes a nice soft fabric and the mohair is not brushed and fuzzy. Then it was a matter of figuring gauge, and applying that "Grand Plan" sweater chart. Viola!

By the way, I previously used the same tape on my last personal design. I used a cable and lace design, and it looks amazingly like the one on the splash page, but that one is done in a cotton.

I love those BW books. This is only the second sweater I've done this way. Well, if you count all the baby sweaters, maybe that's not really true. I can't really "see" what those little photos would look like on a finished sweater. I had passed over this little pattern many times, as it appeared awfully boring. Only a few of them speak to me. Now, I'll look at the magazines, and think, hey - that's just a BW stitch design on a plain shape. Or, I'll see it on one of the blogs out there. I think I've read this thought before, and the writer may have been slamming the magazine. I appreciate seeing the application of the stitch pattern on a garment. It helps me put a design together more confidently. For example, was sort of excited by all the sanquar check gloves this winter. Not that I'm much of a glove knitter, my brain sez: great pattern to apply to a sweater, or mens wear vest.

Now, in the mean time, I've finished the lace, but my little camera is waiting for the battery to charge. I've started two new projects. Only right, as I've finished three, don't you think? I still have a commitment to get Henry out and working this weekend. Want to guess what I've begun? There is a hint on the page for one, and I've mentioned a recent pattern purchase as well.

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