Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I've not been blogging because I am so close to finishing two projects. I think if I could only finish, I could photo, and proudly display them. Stupid, huh?

Knitting and blogging thoughts on the passing of the 1 year anniversary of this blog. I started this for my own purposes. I reviewed the last year, and felt more satisfied than I had expected. While the purpose is knitting, live events weave their way into the text. I've never been able to maintain a diary, so this is an achievement, and I find I can not only review my knitting projects, but the events of life, and progression of feelings.

I do get caught into the external parts of the blog - I get soooo excited when I find a comment. I was delighted when Wendy added me to her list. I was disappointed when I found I had been removed. I re-established that this was my personal activity and continued on.

So, what's about to finish?

The "traveler" sweater - One side/underarm seam to go.
The "dice blue" shawl in light grey mohair, and just in time too.

My Father in Law announced Sunday that he was going to marry on June 12th. I'm going to have a new Mother in Law, and guess what? She's my age! I suspect my husband and his brother are still not sure what to make of this. She's made some poor decisions in her past.

We met the lady last year. My husband commented that his father seemed more like the happy father he remembers as a boy. My take is that if this woman makes the old guy happy more power to them.

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