Thursday, April 29, 2004

Back and forth:

I had a lovely, non-delayed flight to New Orleans. Usually I wait 40 minutes on the tarmac before we begin the 45 minute flight. So, the sleeve cap for the traveling sweater did not get finished until that evening. I washed and blocked it, and while it was drying I noticed that I could not quite match it up with it's mate. Upon closer inspection, I find that one half of a pattern repeat before the cap decreases seemed to be missing. URG. Since I was amused by Sarah's notion of putting a sweater on "time out", the sleeve went there for a few days, and I picked up the lace. As mentioned before, I do travel prepared with the knitting.

I did the dirty deed last night, and the kinky yarns are now drying on the hotel lampshade. I may help them out with the blow dryer so that I can begin to re-work the piece on the way home.

I'm looking forward to going home - we have a sailing event this weekend and my husband will be out on the committee boat. He's been traveling too much, and has not had a chance to hook up with any sailing activities since we settled down here.

I'm not looking forward to going into the office. Apparently we have a manager who is bringing irrationality to a whole new level, and this time it affects me, albeit indirectly.

Oh, yeah - while getting ready for blog birthday this weekend, I updated the gallery. Happy sailing!

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