Monday, May 24, 2004

Well, I think I would lose my head if it were not attached. I cleaned yesterday, and did not find two of the items I was expecting to find in the mess. One was the pattern pamphlet for a new project. The other was my camera. Well, I had dug out my desk, but didn't dig out the car. In the car, I did find the camera, which I knew was probably there, as I used it for the Girl Scout bridging on Saturday. <> I also found a copy of my pattern swimming around the passenger side. I know that pamphlet is around; I know I didn't take it out of the house. That it too high risk. I make copies to go into my traveling bag.

Is it a copyright violation to make several copies for personal use, because one is scatterbrained, then lose them in random places such as pizza parlors or school auditoriums?

Anyway, I now have a few more copies now to hide away in places where I won't find them in the future.

In the mean time, with all the confusion, I was holding out on the blog readers. (All four of you.) This will continue, as I have a busy week. Well, some will be revealed:

The finished lace shawl, and the background is my backyard, where the armidillos play by the way.

and some detail.

Two new projects making nice progress, but I've not photographed yet, so it will have to wait.

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