Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hardangervidda is frogged.

I did lots of yardage calculations, and thought that 10 skeins of Nature Spun Sport would be enough for large. I knit up to the end of the first skein, and even accounting for the swatch, I didn't get enough length to be comforatable that this would work out.

Some notes to self, as I will probably try this project again.

I liked the backside of the "block rib" better than the front side.

I also learned that three project on the needles is too many. I do like two. One complex, one easy. One color, one texture. One that travels, one that does not. One big and one small. Three, in any combination makes me itch.

So, I'll finish Arwen, and keep plugging at the "Elegant Diagonal", and shop for a color project to work on next. Or maybe another cable. Hmmm.

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