Sunday, February 11, 2007

A contest
Items for sale

I've been enjoying making fluffy brioche scarfs from my stash mohair. My daughter has already tried to steal one, so I know that at least one picky teenager approves.
I have a lot of stash mohair, and am prepared to spread the fun by offering it up with instructions while supplies last. See the side bar.
The contest, is, like many contests, self serving. I'm asking YOU to help me advertise this mohair for sale, by blogging about it, and creating a viral buzz. That's what the Internet is good at, right?
So, get yourself a kit, check out the instructions, and the yarn, and either comment back here, or, better yet, post your ( I hope ) positive reactions on your blog. In return, I will send you ANOTHER scarf kit.

Please check my new FLUFFY BRIOCHE SCARF page for more information.

I started one in purple and blue over the weekend. It looks blue on blue on my screen, but the lighter color really is purple. Half way done already.

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