Monday, July 19, 2004

Progress on Ingeborg - up to three pattern repeats now.
No proress on Hank8.
I'm getting set up on the Southern Region knitblog ring. Heee Haw.

Two birthday parties. One for a friend, one for daughter. We did a "teenage mystery" party,Barbeque with a Vampire, and it was pretty good. I would suggest it for 13year olds or older - there are some racy elements. The kids rated it an 8 or better out of 10. They said that they had fun, but there was too much talking; not enough action. One of the boys was a little distubured at one of the story elements, but it turned out that we could skip that entire part with no impact on the story. I forget that we are in Texas. The punch with floating eyeballs was poular. The Brain Jello got a great reaction, but no one ate it. We had Baskin Robbins do a cake with a gravestone, and they wrote "Who is the Vampire?" on the cake. I love getting people to make things custom just for me.

I had a call from a local dance studio offering a free lesson - ballroom. My husband and I went last night and it was pretty fun. He was stiff at first but got into it after a while. The teacher was great, and when it came time for the sale part, husband just whipped out his card and paid for three more sessions. We won't do it until September as he will be away on business, but it is something special to look forward to.

I'm going to focus on going on vacation next week.

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