Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year.
It's been quiet here in Swatchyland. Spent the holiday week between Christmas and New Years doing almost nothing. It's been wonderful. I did knit a hat for daughter, but it's pretty plain, so no pictures here. I used the Alpaca/Silk that was on elan, and it's yummers. I got enough for a few things, so I'll be able to fondle it later.

I picked up Starz a few days ago. He was in time out due to an inability to match up decreases down his arm. He was like an accordion, in and out and in and out, as I tore back, but not quite enough, knit to where it was obvious I had not done it right, and tore again. After the second or third time I put him aside as the situation was approaching insanity. I found some time when I had not been drinking, and it was not dark, and fixed him up. He's now about 3/4 of a pattern repeat an those checkers away from being done.

Now the favorite holiday gift. My considerate husband bought us a robot vacuum. It's very cool, although it does require some supervision. The best part is that he gets under our bed and eats the dust bunnies where it is hard to reach. I should name it , but nothing has stuck yet. It doubles as a dog toy. Shilo versus Roomba:

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yarnspin said...

We have a roomba, too, and our kitties are definitely scared of it! They usually hang out on the couch, watching Roomba suspiciously, waiting for an opening when they can skitter out of the room! Nice blog!