Friday, April 29, 2005

Wonder where Swatchy is? I have as well.

I've either been a tad depressed, or busy on the weekends and tired during the week. I must say, I enjoy the different activities I've participated in, but I'm not always energized by them. Not a lot of knitting, but that feather and fan piece is almost done.

April has been dominated by Scouts.
Backpacking event - very nice, but I forgot my Alieve and back pain coupled with lying on the ground kept me from sleeping even though I was very tired. I stayed tired for most of the week.

Council Meeting - Interesting discussion on how the Girl Scouts vision is changing. I have been very pleased with the changes since I was in High School. I guess I was energized, in that I want to work more to get older girls, especially my girls into leadership roles in this organization.

Camping trip - Planning meeting attended poorly, but every registered girl came on the trip. Normal amounts of stupid stuff; some lack of team work, one blister. Great Dutch Oven cornbread. Success because co-leader and I didn't have to do very much for them at all.

Also in April, Civic Dury
Taxes - yeesh.
Jury Duty - always interesting theater. I was in selected for a panel, and in the high risk front row for a capital case. High tension, as I had a very important business presentation the next day. I had told my manager that attorneys don't like engineers on the jury, and I guess that is still the case, because I was excused. I did learn a lot about conspiracy law.

This weekend we drive to Austin. My daughter volunteered to work at the Pro Beach Volleyball event this weekend. We've been meaning to spend some family weekends out and about, and this seemed to be a daughter friendly venue, and Shiloh can stay at our hotel, so he's coming too.
Next week, daughter has surgery for polyps in her sinus. I plan to spend the week trying to make her as comfortable as possible, whiled getting the knitting and career training on track.

Somewhere in all those meetings and all that camping, the top down aran body got onto some needles. It's big and heavy and sort of a fight to work on with those arms flopping about. The yarn is delicious, and bulky enough to work up quickly. It will probably be ready for a photo shoot some time next week.

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Liz said...

Exciting! Can't wait to see the sweater in all its glory! :)